Cloud Web Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting

>>If you’ve read any technology article in
recent times I’m sure you’ve come accross the concept of cloud. Cloud hosting, cloud
accounting, cloud software, cloud computing. How is cloud hosting different from traditional
hosting? I’m sure most people are familiar with regular hosting where you provide your
website to a hosting company and they host that website for you so its available online
to your customers. How is cloud hosting different? Well with
traditional hosting your website is hosted on a single server on the internet, that means
your website and lots of other peoples websites are all sitting on one physical computer on
the internet. Why is that good? Well it means the cost of
the service provided to you is reduced because lots of people are sharing that computing
resource. Why is it bad? Well its bad because if 1 other
person on that server happens to have a wildly popular website the performance of the overall
server can degrade affecting your website as well. So how does cloud hosting improve on this
situation or resolve the situation. Well with cloud hosting your website is hosted on a
single server along with a whole lot of other peoples websites. Your website and all other
customers of that particular cloud hosting company are hosted on mulitple different servers
all at the same time. so, there might be 20 different web servers,
physical computers and on each of those 20 web servers all websites hosted by that company
are available. Effectively what that means is that a greater degree of scalability, robustness
and reliability for your website when its hosted in a cloud infrastructure as opposed
to a traditional infrastructure.


  • Anup Nepal says:

    Good explanation..

  • Viktor Fortuna says:

    Thank you! Finally someone explain this simply and clearly!  😀

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  • nationwidebw says:

    There's only one problem – people are forgetting that the cloud host's network connection is shared by everyone on the cloud, and that network performance can be degraded, and cannot not be controlled. This creates another point of failure or bottleneck for the customers regardless of what type of hosting it is.

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  • HM says:

    Different word for Shared Hosting. All marketing BS. Also… people need to see that sooner or later it will be absorbed by few mega company such as: google, amazon, microsoft, ibm. And then prices will rise (like the exorbitant prices of cellphone plans in the usa).. The problem with "cloud", is that you never know what is going on with your performance… they will blame it on bandwidth… then they will come up with some other "new functions" that will cost you more. AND if shit happens between China, Russia, USA, and someone decide to bomb the optical wires (in the oceans), the data may not be easily available…. Also, this cloud will eliminate competition and they wont give a shit on performance. Look at how slow any website is becoming. Nobody cares about performance anymore.

  • Omarov Omar says:

    thank you master, that matters a lot to me, finally catch it up

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    Explained well!!

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  • Loway Harazi says:

    Thank you for the simple explanation. Simplicity is an underrated feature when people are explaining tech to non tech savvy people.

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